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Why Be Taller?

Besides the fact that women find taller men more superior, smarter and significantly more attractive, there are other advantages that make the life of taller men a bit easier. So would life be any better with a few extra inches? The answer: "Well it might really be."

According to statistics, 18 of the last 22 U.S. Presidential elections have been won by the taller candidate, and about 80 percent of company executives are above average in height then one has to think, "is that only a coincidence or does height really gives a man an edge in real life?" The answer: "No question about it height is might."

Unfortunately, most of us are not blessed with height and there is absolutely nothing on earth that you can do about your height once your growing stage stops. But fortunately Bradford with AddHeight Technology can give you a few inches lift that will skyrocket your confidence which automatically impact your success curve.

Now be more attractive, more confident and have a commanding presence everywhere you go. Imagine you looking down on people instead of always looking up. Experience all of these with Bradford Addheight Tech.

Significant business and social advantages to being taller:

* Women find taller men more superior, smarter and significantly more attractive.
* For most women a man''s height is more important than his looks.
* Tall men feel more confident in any situation.
* 70% of companies now have height requirements for jobs.
* 80% of company chief executives are "above average" in height.
* Coaches almost always choose the taller player for the team.
* In sports, height is might.
* Taller basketball players score more, rebound better and block more shots.
* Companies, choosing among men of equal skills, choose the taller applicant 75% of the time.
* Toughies always pick on a shorter guy and will rarely pick on somebody taller.
* Women love it to be able to look up to a tall man.