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Have you ever wondered how short famous actors appear average to even tall in height despite their short stature? To begin with, the designer suits they wear surely help them look taller. But the main reason why they look so good, in fact, is because they know what to wear and how to wear it.

The same principle applies to extremely tall movie celebrities; they need to be careful and pick garments that don?t make them look lanky. So, whether you?re extremely short or tall, these fashion tips can help you look taller with the help of illusion.


Before we start with advice on fashion, below are some simple yet often overlooked tips that can help you appear a few inches taller:

1. Maintaining good posture is key if you want to hit your maximum height potential. Remember to sit with your back straight and stand proud with your head up high at all times. A slouched stance will only make you look shorter, not to mention insecure.

2. Remember that, as a general rule, short hair works best for shorter men. Long hair tends to hide the neck and shoulders, making your head and body look like one body part, which doesn?t help you in your quest to look taller.

3. Another way to maximize your stature is to stay fit and trim at all times. Heavier and extremely muscular men tend to look broader and stubbier, but staying lean and having some muscle (such as built, defined shoulders) can help add some height to your overall frame.


Follow these simple tips to look a few inches taller than you really are:

? Having a simple wardrobe avoids you from standing out in a crowd.

? Whether it?s a jacket, a sports jacket, a shirt, or a pair of pants, avoid designs and patterns because they break up your outfit?s vertical lines that make you look taller.

? When choosing trousers, remember to keep the legs slim. Wide trousers may make you look even smaller

? Any kind of vertical lines in suits, shirts, pants, and sweaters will also help extend the facade of your shorter body.

? Wearing a uniform top and bottom will also make your body look longer. For example, if you?re wearing blue jeans, wearing a similar blue shirt will make you look taller.

? Clothes need to fit perfectly; wearing something tight or loose will emphasize your physical flaw.

More dos and don?ts, and more tips for the short ones out there

? Jackets and blazers should fall slightly below your buttocks.

? Avoid wearing blazers or cardigans with more than 3 buttons; these are designed for taller men and will make you look shorter.

? Don?t wear your pants too high. Wear them just above your hips for maximum results.

? Stay away from pants with a low-rise (a short distance between the crotch of your pants and the top of the waistband).

? Avoid any kind of puckering around the hips caused by full pockets, or tight and badly designed pants. They will make you look wider.

? Make sure your pants break just above your shoes so your socks don?t show.

? V-neck t-shirts and sweaters will also make your torso look longer.

? Avoid tucking in baggy tops because they will make you look like a box of chocolate (wide and short).

Who wouldn?t want to be a few inches taller? Unfortunately, we have no control over how tall we will be... or at least not yet. Until we do, short men will continue to have a slight disadvantage in the fashion world, in terms of finding threads that fit properly, as few manufacturers make clothes for men who are shorter than 5?4".


The best way to start shopping is by visiting and calling various men?s clothing stores to ask what styles and sizes they carry. You should also ask the salesperson if they can make special orders for shorter men or if they offer custom-made clothing.

Finally, another way to land yourself smaller sizes is to order clothing from ?short size? stores or try finding garments in the boys? section of larger department stores (you?d be surprised by the great stuff you can find!).


Wear vertical stripes
Anything that elongates your height is a good thing. For example, vertical stripes in clothing can help extend the look of your shorter body. Patterns such as pinstripe, chalkstripe and herringbone also offer that ?vertical? effect. Note: Steer clear of plaid and checked shirts.

Wear one shade
Wearing a shirt and pants in the same color shade will prevent obvious breaks in your natural frame, and as a result can give the illusion that you?re taller.

Opt for dark shades & light fabrics
In addition, dark colors, especially black, tend to have a slimming effect and help shorter men seem more elongated. The same applies to light or medium-weight fabrics. Heavier fabrics, on the other hand, tend to make you look bulkier and shorter.

A proper fit is key
Finally remember that it?s important that your clothes fit flawlessly. Looser garments can make you look stumpy, so opt for a fit that is trim rather than baggy.


One way to elevate your stature fashionably and secretly is by wearing height-increasing footwear like Bradford AddHeight shoes. These shoes can instantly and easily add a few inches to your height without anyone knowing..

Avoid wearing blazers and cardigans with more than three buttons because they will draw unwanted attention to your shorter upper body. Also, make sure that your blazers and jackets fall slightly below your buttocks, as this will make your body look slightly more elongated. While you should try to avoid double-breasted suits, if you do choose to wear one, do up all the buttons (including the lower ones), as this will give you a longer look.

Also, when wearing a sports jacket, make sure there?s as little contrast between your jacket and trousers as possible, to maintain the natural vertical lines. Center and side vents also add the effect of a prolonged vertical line.

In terms of sweaters and T-shirts, V-necks can help make your torso look longer. Turtlenecks, on the other hand, can make you look stumpy, as they conceal your neck.

Look for formfitting shirts in order to avoid excess fabric when tucking them in and opt for point collars instead of spreads. Finally, keep in mind that tucking in your shirt can place the emphasis on your legs and torso, which might make you look shorter.

Shopping tip: Shortening the length of a shirt is generally easier than reducing the length of its sleeves, so make sure the shirt fits properly around your shoulders and body, first and foremost. If it does, then you can have the overall length and the sleeves adjusted.

Do not wear your pants too high; you should wear them just above your hips. Also, avoid wearing low-rise pants (even if they are the trendier alternative), as they tend to make legs look shorter than they already are.

Furthermore, avoid any kind of puckering around the hips, from tucking in your shirts or having full pockets, as it will make you look wider and hence, shorter.

Your trousers should break on your shoes slightly more than average, to help make your legs look longer by covering your socks properly.

It?s also suggested to shun cuffs altogether. If you do decide to wear them, have your tailor hem them slightly more narrow than normal (that is, 1? inches instead of the usual 1? to 2 inches). Finally, keep in mind that pants with no pleats or a single pleat are more flattering than multiple pleats.

Shopping tip: If you can?t find any pants that fit properly, you can always have them custom-made or visit a specialty store near you.

When it comes to accessories, shorter men should avoid bow ties. Instead, they should wear narrower ties; solid, and regimental and diagonal patterns work best. Also, choose the less intrusive four-in-hand knot over the bulkier Windsor variety.

Shopping tip: Again, you can find many stylish accessories in special catalogs, at local specialty stores, or in the boys? section of larger department stores. If you?re having trouble finding socks that fit, you can always give the socks in the women?s department a try.


Just remember that the key is not necessarily to look as tall you can, but to look as good as you can. The proper fit and the right styles can make you look great, regardless of your height. Until next time, keep on stylin?.


Pictures are viewed many times and by many people and believe me they leave a lasting impression (I?m sure Ted is taller than Fred I remember that picture taken in the park?). Besides that, pictures are permanent so it is wise to look tallest when the flash goes on.

Here?s how to make a lasting ?tall? impression?

- Stay away from the center were you will look the shortest.
- Follow this simple rule : objects or people closer to the camera appear larger in pictures even though they are not in real life. This means if there are two rows make sure to be in the front row where you will look taller. If you want to be taller than people in the same row just move two to four inches closer to the camera than them and you will be surprised with the results!


Streets, pavements, sidewalks are rarely level and flat. To make rainwater flow to the drain pavements are always designed with a low and a high side. Always walk on the higher side of the street and experience towering over others. Be astonished that even people 3 inches taller than you look not that tall anymore!


Here?s a guaranteed way to be taller by increasing the length of your spine:

Instead of sleeping on your side or chest, sleep on your back every night and try to maintain that position all through the night. Measure your height before you go to bed and you?ll be surprised that you are 1-2 inches taller when you wake up in the morning. This sleep position stretches the spine. For some, this may be a little difficult in the beginning and may take a few weeks to get used to. This is very normal and in time your body will get used to it. For even better results, stretch (on your bed) before going to sleep and once you wake up. A flatter pillow is better than a bulky one.

Follow these tips and be taller!